Welcome to on-site international high frequency competition “Lithuanian HF CUP 2022”

Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite contesters to take part in the international on-site HF competition Lithuanian HF CUP 2022.

The 25th Lithuanian HF CUP will take place on 18th June 2022 on holiday resort-city Birštonas, which is situated 40 km south from Kaunas.

About 10-15 on-site participants will use call signs LY22A – LY22Z.

You are welcome to enter this contest as on-site competitor or as a participant!

For on-site participants the registration starts from 2022-05-25 till 2021-06-15 by email: lrsf@lrsf.lt or rolandas.zakelis@ktu.lt or by cell phone number: +370-691-44414.

Information on lrsf web-site www.lrsf.lt will be updated each day. The on-site competitors raw scores will be updated each 15 minutes during the competition.

73! 88! LRSF board


Regarding the organization of the international high frequency (HF) competition “Baltic Contest 2022”

LRSF Council meeting



No. 22/04-03

Regarding the organization of the international high frequency (HF) competition “Baltic Contest 2022”.

 Statement from LRSF Council meeting No. 22/04-02:

Considered: Regarding the organization of the International High Frequency (HF) competition “Baltic Contest 2022”.

Proposed: In consultation with a Lithuania radio sports active members, including radio sports representatives from Latvia and Estonia (more than 40 radio sports representatives in total), after their survey on the organization of this year’s “Baltic Contest” competition, opinions were collected and grouped into 3 categories: to organize the competition, suspend the competition, no opinion.

 The survey results are: to organize the competition – 9.3%, suspend the competition – 79.1%, no opinion – 11.6%.

Decision: The current geopolitical situation in Europe, i.e. on military actions in Ukraine, on Ukraine’s inability to participate in radio sports competitions, on an official document signed by the Minister of Education and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania J. Šiugždinienė, which is in line with the position of 40 countries, the international HF competition “Baltic Contest” organized by the LRSF, which is expected to take place on May 20-21, 2022, is suspended for one year.

Chairman of the Meeting DSc/PhD Rolandas Žakelis

Secretary of the Meeting DSc/PhD Laimonas Bartušis