The 59th BALTIC CONTEST (2024)


At the LRSF council meeting, where protocol No. 23/04-01, it was decided (excerpt): According to the documents of the International Olympic Committee (IOC EB) and the official documents of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania, sports relations (QSO) with Russia and Belarus are not counted. The mentioned countries will not be evaluated.

General rules

The Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite radio amateurs all over the world to enter 59th Baltic Contest 2024

The aim: to promote radio sport in the Baltic States and to expand relations among radio amateurs of the Baltic and the World.

The object: to establish as many contacts as possible with amateur stations worldwide except contacts from Russia and Belarus.

Period: from 2100z May 18, 2024 till 0200z May 19, 2024 UTC (3rd full weekend)


A – single operator, CW/SSB

B – single operator, CW

C – single operator, SSB

D – single operator, assisted, CW/SSB

E – multi operator, single TX


Any use of DX spotting networks (Skimmer, DX cluster, sked pages and etc.) for section A, B, C is not permitted. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any time.

Frequencies: CW (3510-3600) kHz, SSB (3600-3750) kHz.

Exchange: RS(T) and serial number starting from 001. Each station may be worked once in SSB and once in CW.

Scoring: for participants in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: each QSO with Europe counts 1 point and QSO with another continent counts 2 points.

For participants in Europe: each QSO with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania counts 10 points, each QSO with another participant counts 1 point.

For participants outside Europe: each QSO with ES, YL, LY counts 20 points, each QSO with another participant counts 1 point.

SWL report must contain both callsigns and at least one of the control numbers.

Final score: the sum of QSO points. When the number of points is equal, the criteria for priority are for better percentage of QSO confirmation; for more DX QSO.

Awards: certificates will be awarded to the leading stations of each section for every country (DXCC). Winners in A, B, C, D, E, F sections in the Baltic States (ES, LY, YL), Europe and outside Europe will receive originally designed medals.

Special trophies: (trophy/donor)

Oldtimer Baltic States (from 70 years old)Estonian Amateur Radio Union (A. Kallaste ES1CW Memorial)

Europe MIX LP
S.Franckevičius LY4AA
Baltic States LP (less than 100W output) Estonian Amateur Radio Union
DX LP (less than 100W output) Latvian Radio Amateur League
North America I. Žakelienė LY7B
Europe CW LP
J. Norbutas LY2AT (V. Varnas LY1VV Memorial)
Estonia Kaunas University of Technology Radio Club
Latvia LY1LP
YL R. Žakelis LY5AA
Lithuania YL M.Stern 4Z4KX (E. Laurušonis LY2NL Memorial)
Youth (until 16 years) J.Urbonas LY4T
Lithuania CW M. Gresevičius (E. Gresevičius LY2OQ  Memorial)
Oldtimer  Europe (from 70 years old) Kaunas University of Technology Radio Club (A.Macas LY2OO Memorial)
Baltic States QRP (less than 5W output) Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society
Scandinavian countries T. Vahk ES5TV
LY youth (until 20 years) Kaunas University of Technology
Oldtimer Baltic States (from 70 years old) Estonian Amateur Radio Union (A. Kallaste ES1CW Memorial)

NB: Only the operators who worked non-assisted will be eligible for the special trophy.

Logs: Deadline 1st June, 2024. Electronic logs should be sent: . Cabrillo file format is accepted. While sending your log via email, please indicate in the soapbox, if you want to receive paper or an electronic copy of the Baltic Contest booklet and diploma.

Paper logs should be mailed to Studentu g. 54-217, LT-51424 Kaunas, Lithuania.

By submitting a log, you confirm that you comply with the contest rules and agree that your result will be published on LRSF website and in the Baltic Contest booklet.

The log MUST show the following information: callsign, name, age, entry, power, and QSO in chronological order. Each contact has to have correct time in UTC, frequency (or band), call, report with serial number sent, and report with serial number received. A log without all required information may be reclassified to checklog.

Disqualification: If any participant violates contest rules, referees’ committee can disqualify that participant.

Referee committee: Referee committee decision is final and indisputable.

If you wish to become a donor of a special trophy/a section winner trophy or to contribute to the Baltic Contest booklet – please contact us via email or


Baltic Contest committee