Welcome to Lithuanian Cup 2012

  Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite contesters to take part in international on-site HF competition Lithuanian Cup 2012.
   The 15th Lithuanian Cup will be organized in holiday-resort-city Birštonas, 40 km in south from Kaunas.
   A 10-15 on-site participants (call signs from LY12A to LY12Z) will take part in this competition on the 9th of June, 2012.
   You are welcome to enter this contest as on-site competitor or as usual participant!

Short rules of Lithuanian Cup
Aim of the contest: to clarify the best contesters, to promote radio sport and to increase skill of contesters in on-site competitions.
 1. On-site participants are single operators only (call signs LY12A - LY12Z). Transmitter power is limited to 10W. Each participant is supervised by referee during whole contest time. Applications or requests of on-site competitor for more detail information (technical requirements, detail rules, accomodation, etc.) should be sent to organizers (see section Logs). Deadline of registration for on-site participants is 7th of June, 2012.

2. Other participants: a) single operator; b) team (multi op., single tx).
Time: 9th of June 2012, 1500-1630 UTC in three periods:
1500-1529 UTC, 1530-1559 UTC, 1600-1630 UTC.
Frequencies: 3520-3600 kHz - CW, 3600-3700 kHz SSB.
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number of QSO. Each station may be worked once in CW and once in SSB during each period (max 6 QSO with the same call sign). Please to follow QSY rule (the same as in European Sprint).
1. On-site competitors: 1 QSO = 1 point (no multipliers).
2. QSO with LY12 prefix counts 2 points, QSO with other participant – 1 point.
Multiplier is a number of different LY12 calls during the all contest time.
Awards: winners (on-site, single op. and team) will receive trophies. Certificates will be awarded to the leading stations in every DXCC country. Special awards are for QSO with all on-site participants.
Logs: deadline is 19th of June, 2012 via: LRSF, P.O. Box 210, LT-51368, Kaunas, Lithuania, or e-mail lrsf@lrsf.lt. For more information, please contact to lrsf@lrsf.lt


73 and please inform your friends about Lithuanian Cup 2012!!!

Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation, the member of European Radio Sports Federation

April 25, 2012 (3:54PM)


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