Welcome to Lithuanian Cup 2008

   Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite contesters to take part in international onsite HF competition Lithuanian Cup 2008.
The 11th Lithuanian Cup will be organized in holiday-resort-city Birštonas, 40 km in south from Kaunas.
A 10-15 on-site participants (call signs from LY08A to LY08Z) will take part in this competition on the 7th of June, 2008.
You are welcome to enter this contest as on-site competitor or as usual participant! Please see short rules for additional information.


Short rules of Lithuanian Cup
Aim of the conetst: to clarify the best contesters, to promote radio sport and to increase skill of contesters in on-site competitions.
1. On-site participants are single operators only (call signs LY08A - LY08Z). Transmitter power is limited to 10W. Each participant is supervised by referee during whole contest time. Applications or requests of on-site competitor for more detail information (technical requirements, detail rules, accomodation, etc.) should be sent to organizers (see section Logs). Deadline of registration is 1st of June, 2008.
foto from on-site event

 2. Other participants: a) single operator; b) team (multi op., single tx).
Time: 7th of June 2008, 1500-1630 UTC in three periods:
1500-1529 UTC, 1530-1559 UTC, 1600-1630 UTC.
Frequencies: 3520-3600 kHz - CW, 3600-3700 kHz SSB.
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number of QSO. Each station may be worked once in CW and once in SSB during each period (max 6 QSO with the same call sign). Please to follow QSY rule (the same as in European Sprint).
1. On-site competitors: 1 QSO = 1 point (no multipliers).
2. QSO with LY08 prefix counts 2 points, QSO with other participant – 1 point.
Multiplier is a number of different LY08 calls during the all contest time.
Awards: winners (on-site, single op. and team) will receive trophies. Certificates will be awarded to the leading stations in every DXCC country. Special awards are for QSO with all on-site participants.
Logs: deadline is 20th of June, 2008 via: LRSF, P.O. Box 210, LT-44003, Kaunas, Lithuania, or e-mail lrsf@lrsf.lt. For more information, please contact to lrsf@lrsf.lt or Rolandas.Zakelis@stud.ktu.lt.

one station on site

73 and please inform your friends
about Lithuanian Cup 2008!!!

Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation,
the member of European Radio Sports Federation

April 27, 2010 (9:47PM)


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