Official Invitation to 3rd European Sattelite Navigation Sports Championship

Official Invitation to 3rd European Sattelite Navigation Sports Championship

We have the pleasure to invite sportsmen of European countries to take part in the 3rd European Sattelite Navigation Sports Championship.

President of European Radio Sport Federation
M. Rusin

Secretary General of ERSF
Z. Strzemieczny


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Basic Information

1.Objective: 3rd European Sattelite Navigation Sports Championship is organized in accordance with European Radio Sport Federation plans and rules. Sportsmen will compete for the EUROPEAN CHAMPION title.

 2.Participants: a representative of any country, city, society, sport club, etc.

 3.Date: September 19 – September 21  2008.


September 19 2008- arrival, registration, accommodation, international jury meeting,

September 20 2008 - official opening ceremony, SSN competition , international jury meeting, awarding and closing ceremony,

September 21  2008 – departure.

 5.Categories: women W14, W16, W18,  W21, W35  

                             men M14, M16, M18,  M21, M40  

  Remark: each country may enter a team of up three competitors per each category

 6.National teams: count results in categories W18, W21, M18, M21

 National teams are kindly invited to bring their national flag [standard dimensions] and an audio record of National Anthem [audio cassette]

 7.Classification: individual in each category [age group]. National team-sum of points of national team members in following order: 1st place – 6 points, 2nd place – 5 points, ..., 6th place 1 point.

 8.Awards: individual winners in all age groups win EUROPEAN CHAMPION title. Individual classification 1-3 places medals and diplomas. National teams 1-3 places receive cups and diplomas.

Remark: EUROPEAN CHAMPION title will be granted if the number of  participants will be not less than  six.

Attention: organizing committee will issue additional prizes.

 9.Arrival:  Holiday-resort-city Birstonas ,40 km to South from Kaunas.

10.Payment for participation: participation fee is 50 EURO for one participant and  will be accepted in cash on the day of arrival.  

11.Maps: standard IOF maps - size A4, scale 1:15000, E-5 m or 1:10000, E-2.5m.

12.Medical aids: there will be emergency medical service available in the competition and area accommodation areas.

13.Insurance: all participants in the Championship should take care of their health insurance during the Championship. The organizers cannot bear any costs that should arise in case of accident or illness.

14.Restrictions: only sportsmen, team leaders, members of International Jury and organizers are allowed to enter the starting area.
 It is not allowed to use any radio communication equipment (also mobile telephones) during competition period.

15.Registration: organizers expect to receive Letter of Intent for full team since August 18 2008. Please mark National Team members.

16.For information:  ;  phone: +37037300779

Arvydas Macas,; Skype: amacas +37068218282

Organizing Committee

April 26, 2010 (11:23PM)


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