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5th TAFISA World Sport for All Games

Lithuania, Siauliai, 5 -11 July, 2012



Dear Sport Friends,


    International World Games Association decided to organize the 5th TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Lithuania Siauliai city on 5 – 11 of  July 2012.

    On this occasion Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation have a pleasure to invite   sportsmens from your Country to participate in this event.

    Competition activities will take place in Siauliai area, Kurtuvenai Regional Park,  Lithuania, More information about the event:


With best  regards,

ARDF Manager Of Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation

Chairman of the organizing committee   Egidijus Navickas                                                  


 Program of the ARDF games


Individual competition. Participants: Men: M14 (years old), M16, M19, M20, M40, M50, M60, M70. Women:  W14, W16, W19, W20, W35, W50, W60. Participants compete in three competitions: Foxoring 3.5 MHz,  classic 3.5 MHz and  144 MHz,  Sprint 3.5 MHz.
The competition is performed in accordance with the regulations of radio sport.


 Preliminary time Schedule               

July 07-08 (Saturday)

·        Arrival

July 08 (Sunday)

·        Training

·        Foxoring 3,5 MHz

·        Awarding ceremony

July 09 (Monday)

·        Classic 3,5 MHz

·        Sprint 3,5 MHz

·        Awarding ceremony

July 10 (Tuesday)

·        Classic 144 MHz

·        Awarding ceremony

July 11 (Wednesday)



For any eventual questions, please to contact 

Egidijus Navickas, LRSF ARDF Manager ,+370 698 72226


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