Organizers:                    Main organizer is Polish Radioorienteering Sport Federation. Patronage by the European Radio Sports Federation.


Participants:                  A representative of any country, city, sport club, etc.


Competition areas:          Sokolniki in center of Poland. Competition terrain is flat, wooded, and fully safe for competitors.

Time schedule:

22 September, 2005

14.00 – 18.00 - Arrival of participants, registration, accommodation,


23 September, 2005

10.00 – 15.00 - Foxoring competition on 144 MHz band.


24 September, 2005

10.00 – 15.00 - Foxoring competition on 3.5 MHz band,

18.00 – 19.00  - Awarding and closing ceremony.


25 September, 2005

09.00 - Departure.


Age groups:                   W14, W16, W18

M14, M16, M18


National teams:          A National Team may consist of any number up to a maximum of 18 competitors (3 competitors in each age group) and may be accompanied  by a team leader and coach. A National Teams are kindly invited to bring their national flag (standard dimensions) and an audio record of national anthem (audio cassette).


Classification:          Individual: each age group and competition.

National Team:  sum of points of all members of team in following order: 1st place  - 6 points, 2nd – 5 points, 3rd – 4 points, 4th – 3 points, 5th – 2 points, 6th – 1 point.


Prizes and awards:          Individual classification each age group and each band:

1-3 place – medals, diplomas and prizes,

4-6 place – diplomas.

Competitors, gaining first three places in each age group after two days competition (sum of results on 144 MHz and 3.5 MHz bands) will be awarded with premiums:

1st place – 300 USD,

2nd place – 200 USD,

3rd place – 100 USD.

National Team – 1st – 3rd places will receive cups and diplomas. All other teams will receive diplomas.


Contests:                       Foxoring competition Rules may be found http://www.pzrs.org.pl

Total number of transmitters is 15. Information about transmitters code, frequency, necessary number of transmitters, and course length (4-6 km) will be given for participants just before start of competition.


Technical data:          Frequencies: 3.54-3.58 MHz, 144 MHz.

Output power: 50mW.

Aerial: short wire.

Maps: standard IOF maps

W14, M14 scale 1:10000,

W16, W18, M16, M18 scale 1:15000.

Prizmas: standard IOF.


Payment for participation:

Participation fee will be 10 (ten) EURO per one competitor during the whole period of Championship. Participation fee is 40 EURO for team leader, coach and driver.

Participation fee is accepted paid in cash on the day of arrival in the Championship or to PZRS account No. 08106000760000401020181179.

Championship information:

See http://www.zaleczewielkie.zhp.org.pl  also http://www.pzrs.org.pl , www.ersf.org


Letters of intend:          Via PZRS, 00-950, Warsaw 1, P.O.BOX 1, Poland

or fax (022) 625 12 34, e-mail: lis@pzrs.org.pl


Medical aids:                There will be medical service available in the competition and accommodation areas.


Insurance:                     All participants in the Championship should take care of their health insurance during the Championship. The organizers cannot bear any costs that should arise in case of accident or illness.


Restrictions:                  Only sportsmen,team leaders,members of International Jury and organizers are allowed to enter the starting area.

                                       It is not allowed to use any radio communication equipment [also mobile telephones] during competition period.


 Organizing Committee


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