Dear Sportsmen,

When establishing European radioorienteering sport federation(ERSF) in Chielmie Lubelskim (Poland) in 1999 we had a lot of both expectations and apprehensions. These apprehensions were raised not only due to our previous contacts with IARU, but also to our lack of experience in forming an international sports structure. 

Life, as it often happens, has tested our hopes and apprehensions. The federation exists and develops, although much slower than we had planned. We are struggling for financial means for operating, struggling with everpresent bureaucracy, but first of all we are struggling with phenomenon which moves to the periptery non-olympic kinds of sport in in the processes of socio-economic changes in the countries of Central Europe. 

However, we are far ahead in the processes of European integration. The members of our organisation are EU member countries, and non-EU countries. This kind of a situation causes additional administrative and financial problems when international competitions are being organized. 

A great success of the ERSF is the creation of the system of competitions. European Championship, Youth  European Championship, also European Club Cup have got their position in the calendar, and are attracting more and more participants every year. We hope they will become a magnet for forthcoming events of radioorienteering sports. 

International exchange of experience has resulted in new competitiveness (foxoring and GPS assisted) and changes in regulations, which increase the significance of classical kinds of sport (marathon). We also disseminate the methods of training and promoting of our sports. 

Creating an Internet site of the Federation by Lithuanian colleagues is one of the ways to strengthen contacts and international exchange of experience.  The significance of the site will depend on all of us. The more interesting offers, information and pictures will be sent to the web-site the higher is the chance that we will find new fans and activists of radioorienteering sports.

Warsaw, 22 April 2004


With the best regards,   Zdzislaw Strzemieczny

Secretary general ERSF


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